The recent Trussel Trust Report…

30th April 2018

The Trussell Trust (TT) figures – published last week – report an increase of 13% to 1.33 million in the number of emergency food parcels issued to clients across the 428 TT foodbanks. Not unexpectedly, low income, debt, benefit delays and benefit changes account for 79% of all referral reasons.

People have asked asked about the possible impact of ‘full’  ( families not just single adults) Universal Credit roll-out due in Mid-Sussex area from the 6th June 2018. The TT data points to the following:

New analysis of foodbanks that have been in full roll-out areas for a year or more shows that these projects ( foodbanks) experienced an average increase of 52% in the 12 months after the full roll-out date in their area. Analysis of foodbanks either not in full UC areas or only in full rollout areas for upto 3 months, showed an average increase of 13%‘.

Based on TT data for the East Grinstead foodbank:
The number of vouchers fulfilled in the year to 31/3/2018 was up by 22% to 630, compared to the previous year.

We helped 903 adults over the period ( a 19% increase) and 706 children ( a 10% increase) – totalling 1609 adults & children helped ( a 15% increase – slightly above the TT national average of 13%).

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