Our priorities

The following summary was approved for release by the Trustees at their January 2019 meeting:

Continue to support those locally in need in accordance with Trussell Trust policies & guidance.
Maintain the Foodbank as a self-supporting charity.
Maintain stock control procedures.
Demonstrate sound management and leadership of the Foodbank – via auditable policies & procedures.
Encourage a plentiful supply of volunteers and trustees to enable the operation of the foodbank.
Continue to promote the work of the foodbank in the local community and demonstrate work done.
Extend signposting to existing and new agencies – eg CAP, seeking to reduce reliance on the foodbank, over time.
Continue to support other foodbanks where appropriate.

Statement of the aims and priorities 2018 – 2020 of the East Grinstead Foodbank
Downloadable Word Document

EG Foodbank – 2018-2020 Aims and Priorities 2018 to 2020

Andrew Smith – Chair of Trustees.
Clive Wills – Treasurer & Volunteer.
Lynne Loving – Trustee, Chair of fundraising sub-committee.
Mike West – Volunteer & Trustee
Mandy Cunningham – (appointed 31/10/2018) Trustee & supermarket Volunteer
Karen West – Volunteer & Trustee since October 2017 AGM
James Hennessy – Volunteer Warehouse Manager & Trustee
Cllr Adam Peacock – EG Town Council’s elected representative to serve on the EG Foodbank (from May 2019).